Cultivating R&D breakthroughs to expand workforce opportunities

We focus on three areas of innovation.

Radically improve the effectiveness, accessibility, and inclusivity of pathfinding tools for education and career exploration.

As more data becomes available, what are the big opportunities for using AI to improve recommendations? How do we make wayfinding software part of a lifelong education and career journey?

Reimagine education through accurate skill assessment and personalized skill-building.

What assessments are most convincing to employers and why? How do we evaluate soft skills effectively? Why are faster, non-degree pathways not gaining mainstream adoption?

Collaboratively create a shared data infrastructure to rethink the ecosystem of credentials, job descriptions, and resumes.

What if lifelong learners had ‘transcripts’ that grew from employer to employer that represented all of their acquired skills? What if employers could get clearer signals from credentials of what each person can do and could provide feedback and verification of skills?

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